I Dreamed of Dave Grohl

Click Here For: Danny Schultz

Guess which ACT Theater pitband member suggested he wanted to grow up to be Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl? Danny Schultz visits with Dave about his developing career in music and entertainment. Hard work and on the job skills led to handling lighting for bands like Mute Math, Matchbox Twenty, and 20 lead singer Rob Thomas. Enjoy the podcast which includes discussion of Dannys current band Slow Hands.

A New Knee & The Ghost of Old Tom Morris

Click Here For: Doug Schultz in Scotland

In the first of our father/son interviews, Ross visits with Doug Schultz about his summer trip to Scotland. Initiated by childhood friend Mike, a European PGA Tour meteorologist, Dr Doug describes golf, food, drink, and all the rest. Enjoy this very informational interview. Ross asks followups about pot bunkers, courses hosting the Open Championship, and even Guinness beer. We had to behave ourselves, Susan was taking pictures!

The Turkey Tourney Godfather

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In 1972, while Francis Ford Coppola was creating his masterpiece “The Godfather”, Norm Schall became the godfather of thanksgiving tournament basketball at Melvin-Sibley High School. Now in its 39th year, Dave visits with Norm about the early years, and learns about his 1973 Rams title winning team. Norm selects his best high school players hes seen, and also gives thanks to local media for promoting the tournament. Finally, we visit about multiple generations of Schalls seen at the tourney each year. Particular note is given to a bright eyed four year old girl who seems to have herself wrapped around Norms heart!!! Enjoy the conversation.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s….The Hitman

Powered Parachuting with Dan Kearfott

The Shelbster’s Adventure

Enjoy a double dipper with The Hitman.  Dan Kearfott talks with Dave about his passion flying powered parachutes.  Included are descriptions of Dans parachute craft and conditions under which he can fly.  Part two is an entertaining story about Dan running out of gas with daughter Shelbie in tow.  Enjoy both!  Did you really think two dudes with the gift of gab could keep it contained in one podcast?  I think not!