A Camper Asks the Manager

Ross finished his 3rd year at the WDAN/DACC sports broadcast camp. After appearing on WDAN Saturday, Ross sat down with Neuhoff Media Vice President-Operations Mike Hulvey. Mike details his career in broadcasting, and central Illinois radio history. Enjoy the terrific interview!


5th Annual Greyhound Festival

Dave visits with Carla Carlson Moxley about the 5th Annual Greyhound Festival. North Park Pavilion in Gibson City will be filled with Greyhounds on July 21, 2012. Carla describes of the event in detail, and a little about the making of the festival. Find more information at www.greyhoundfestival.com or 5th Greyhound Festival on facebook. Enjoy this great podcast!


Browned Round Part Deux

Ross leads a talk of MLB good, bad, and ugly. The Cubs and White Sox get a full dose of discussion, then the podcast is capped with a brief auto racing update. Included is a brief recap of the career of Kerry Wood. Enjoy!