Affordable Care Act Update 9 25 2013


Dave visits with IPG healthcare specialist and owner Marty Nuss about updates to the Affordable Care Act. Marty gives a pair of helpful websites ( and ( and previews the upcoming calendar of important dates. Marty’s first Obamacare podcast received 3,046 listens in its first week. While some information is available now, rates will not be available until early October. Marty attended a BlueCross Blue Shield update meeting yesterday, and he passes along a good bit of information from that meeting in this podcast as well. Read more about Insurance Providers Group at

BlueHavana Sports Review 9/18/2013


Ross, Darrin, and Dave cover the past week in sports, and preview the coming weekends games. Included is a bit about the NASCAR experience with Brandt Racing at Chicagoland Speedway on Sunday. Haley provides an audience for the Brown Boys 3 by hanging out in Ross’ loft bed while we recorded. Enjoy! (12 min)

Obamacare Overview with Marty Nuss

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Marty Nuss, agency owner at Insurance Providers Group, gives an update on Obamacare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will impact millions of Americans, both with individual health policies and those with company health plans. Take a listen to this quick but complete summary. Enjoy! (7min)



Dave has a great conversation with GCMS technology coordinator Walker Willis. Starting with the BUG program (Being Unbelievably Good) they talk about Walker’s work at the school leading our youngsters in technology learning. After a brief discussion of the new Booster Club scoreboard displays, they discuss podcasting and social media. Finally we learn what is up at the Willis household during after school hours. Enjoy! (18 min)

Football Week 1


Darrin joins Dave and Ross for a recap of Week 1 in football and a preview of the games this coming weekend. Included is a sneak peak at our next Blue Havana Podcast for next week. The BlueHavana Podcasts have now received just over 300,000 listens in just over 3 years. Thanks to all for listening!

Perky Cupcakes Podcast

perky cupcakes

Dave visits with Myra Perkins, owner of Perky Cupcakes in Gibson City. They discuss baking inspiration and events where Perky Cupcakes have and will appear. After discussing life at home, Myra selects her favorite cupcake and Dave devours the red velvet sample Myra brought in. Enjoy! (5min)