Gibson City Rotary Club with Gene Everett


Ross sits with Gene Everett, president of the Gibson City Rotary Club. They talk about the 50th anniversary of the club, and various activities GC Rotary has engaged in to support our local community. Mr Everett gives and update about Anton Sorenson, the Rotary Exchange Student from Denmark living with Mr Everett and wife Sue. Enjoy the great discussion!

Moyer District Library with Tina Coates


A longtime employee of Moyer District Library, Tina chronicles her beginnings in library work, and the path leading her to Gibson City working with director Sharon Heavilin. She gives a favorite book of her own, and then gives listeners an audio tour of the library itself. Next, Tina gives updates on hubby Darryl, daughter Anna, and son Haiden. Enjoy the great discussion!

CrossFit The Edge with Shaun Adkins

shaun adkins pic

Dave has a great chat with Shaun Adkins, founder of CrossFit The Edge in Gibson City. Dave talks with Shaun about his road to fitness, first in Bloomington-Normal, then later in Gibson City. Workout schedules, program flexibility, and a strong sense of camaraderie are discussed. Located on the south east side of Gibson City, Crossfit The Edge welcomes new members and offers a free trial period for those interested. Enjoy the discussion!

Kris Cramer on Gibson Area Hospital and WIC

kris cramer

Dave has a great discussion with Kris Cramer about Gibson Area Hospital and the Ford County WIC program. Dave asks Kris to detail her career at GAH, and how that path led her to helping mothers in need with WIC. Then they move on to grandmotherhood, where Kris talks about daughter Cassie and the arrival of little Nora. Enjoy this terrific discussion with a great friend of the Brown’s and the BlueHavana Podcast!

Drivers Ed, Project Ignition, and FCA with Judy Weber Jones


Dave has a great time catching up with Judy Weber Jones. They cover Judy’s involvement with FCA and GCMS school’s award winning participation in Project Ignition. Very passionate about her participation in these activities, she shares personal details of each, and a favorite fun story as a drivers ed instructor. Finally, they recall some fond memories of Judy’s early involvement with the MelSib softball team. Enjoy the great discussion!

GCMS Football with Kyle Bielfeldt

Dave has a great chat with GCMS History teacher and football coach Kyle Bielfeldt. Kyle explains some Xs and Os, player safety, and a little about sharing game tapes with the opposition. Then they visit about life in the Bielfeldt house with Sara and little Avery. Finally, Kyle gives answers to a few rapid fire questions to finish the podcast. Enjoy!

31 Gifts with Danielle Kearfott Brown


Dave talks 31 Gifts and some great tales of life with Danielle Kearfott Brown. 31 Gifts provides a wide range of totes, organizers, and other such fare to keep yourself and your household running smooth and in style. Later they discuss weddings…first is Danielle’s own, where she tells of an interesting experience with the limo service. Second is Cassie and Nathan Becker’s wedding, where they shared a memorable spur of the moment dance. Enjoy!

Expressions Salon with Sara Bielfeldt


Dave had a great conversation with Sara Bielfeldt about her Gibson City business, Expressions Salon. Doubling in size within 2 years, the salon offers several hair & body services, all featuring Surface products. Sara tells which celebrity she’d most like to style, and talks a bit about life at home with daughter Avery and hubby Kyle. Enjoy! NOTE…SINCE RECORDING EXPRESSIONS HAS MOVED TO EAST 8TH STREET IN GIBSON CITY SOUTH OF DOLLAR GENERAL.