Often Asked: Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?


A question often asked in our agency is whether or not to purchase rental car insurance. As agents, we like to determine risk, and try to find some clear cut solutions for our clients. With rental cars, there is no one size fits all answer. There is an ease and peace of mind by paying for rental car insurance. But, costs are often twice the regular rental rate. Let’s look at a few factors to consider…
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Q&A With Comedian and NFL Statistician Lenny Marcus

Hearing him first on The Pete and Sebastian Show…NYC comic Lenny Marcus has had an interesting career path, first working for Ross Perot before starting his stand up career. Listing his Letterman appearance as a career highlight, Lenny’s BlueHavana Podcast Q&A includes a description of his work as a game day statistician for the New York Giants. He will do the same for Super Bowl XLVIII. Thanks to Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, two of my favorite comedians, for the introduction!
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GCMS Monster Dash Recap w/Patti Meunier

A somewhat hidden gem of the GCMS School System is the GCMS Education Foundation. Taking advantage of teacher ingenuity and community funds, the Education Foundation helps enhance the student experience at Gibson City Melvin Sibley Schools. On October 26, the Monster Dash 5k event was held at North Park to help raise funds for the Foundation. Enjoy the Q&A with event organizer Patti Menuier!

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Jereme Richmond: We Hardly Knew Ye

Jereme Richmond announced today he was leaving Illinois and declaring for the NBA draft. By stating he would consider his options before hiring an agent, it gives him the choice of returning to another school if none is hired.

Richmond gave the Illini a boost on the court, but considerable angst off it. It must be stated, during a period of very weak recruiting by Bruce Weber, Richmond’s early commitment gave the Illini a strong playing card to draw others to Champaign. However, in the end it was trips back home and quarrels in the locker room that will be remembered most.

Let’s think about Jereme Richmond’s shown skill compared to other fine Illini ballplayers. Each had/are having minimal NBA careers, if any at all.

What has Richmond shown in comparison to these names: Kenny Battle, Steven Bardo, Frank Williams, Sergio McClain, George Montgomery, Kiwane Garris, Cory Bradford, Efrem Winters, Deon Thomas, Dee Brown, James Augustine…etc

The best I can think of, trying to be generous, is Nick Anderson. Nick played first as a sophomore, with a minimal mid-range game. By the end of his junior year, he became the 11th pick in the draft. Richmond has been hyped in similar ways to Nick. However, Nick always could beat his man off the dribble, and dominate at the rim.

I sincerely hope Jereme doesn’t sign with an agent, because he is so undeveloped he would never touch an NBA roster right now.